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Diabetes Diet

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Control your high blood sugar with diet and exercise.


Eliminate sugar from your diet

  • Especially sweet drinks (soda, juice, coffee drinks, energy drinks, smoothies,  etc); including "diet" drinks;

  • Eliminate  foods with added sugar (including: honey, fructose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc). Read the ingredients.  

    • Common sources of sugar:  soda, juice, sweetened cereal, white bread, candy, granola and energy bars, bakery items, frozen yogurt and ice cream, smoothies, flavored yogurt, and many more....

  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol.  

  • Drink water! (unsweetened seltzer, coffee or tea without sweeteners is acceptable).   

Reduce or eliminate carbohydrates   

  • especially bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, cookies, crackers, bagels, muffins.

Replace - instead of bad carbs, eat these:

  • vegetables;

  • lean proteins and healthy fats (chicken, fish, soy products, nuts, seeds, olive oil).

  • Beans and lentils are high in protein and fiber, although they also contain carbs

  • Eggs, cheese, low fat dairy - also acceptable in moderation.  (No sweetened yogurt!)

  • Fresh fruit is acceptable.  Avoid processed fruits like dried fruit, canned or jarred fruits, or fruit juice.  

  • Small portions of whole grains are acceptable.  

Diabetes education -  Learn everything you can about diabetes and how to treat it

  • American Diabetes Association:

  • Books: Available on and other booksellers:  "Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet"; "Diabetes for Dummies" "Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition for Dummies"

Read ingredients and nutrition labels - learn about what you are eating.


  • 45 minutes per day.  More is even better.  

  • Move around during the day and avoid sitting for long periods.  

  • Any type of exercise is fine as long as it involves some exertion.