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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Shanblatt
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Change your eating habits for better health.


Lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and control your blood sugar!

Eliminate sugar from your diet

  • Especially sweet drinks (soda, juice, coffee drinks, energy drinks, smoothies,  etc); including "diet" drinks;

  • Eliminate  foods with added sugar (including: honey, fructose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc). Read the ingredients.  

    • Common sources of sugar:  soda, juice, sweetened cereal, white bread, candy, granola and energy bars, bakery items, frozen yogurt and ice cream, smoothies, flavored yogurt, and many more....

  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol.  

  • Drink water! (unsweetened seltzer, or coffee or tea without sweeteners is acceptable).   

Reduce processed foods and salt


  • Limit your consumption of processed foods - these are factory produced foods that tend to be high in sugar, salt, and fat.  This includes many snack foods and convenience foods, as well as sauces and dressings. Read the ingredients!


Reduce excess carbohydrates   

  • especially bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, cookies, crackers, bagels, muffins.

  • Stick to small portions of whole grains: like barley, brown rice, buckwheat, bulgur, millet, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread. Avoid processed grains (like cereal, granola, breakfast oatmeal mixes) that may contain a lot of sugar and salt.

Replace - instead of bad carbs and processed foods, eat these:

  • vegetables;

  • lean proteins and healthy fats (chicken, fish, soy products, nuts, seeds, olive oil).

  • Beans and lentils

  • Eggs, cheese, low fat dairy - also acceptable in moderation.  (No sweetened yogurt!)

  • Fresh fruit is acceptable.  Avoid processed fruits like dried fruit, canned or jarred fruits, or fruit juice.  

Nutrition education -  Learn everything you can from reliable sources about what you are eating. 

  • Books: Available on and other booksellers:  "Nutrition for Dummies"; "Mayo Clinic Diet"; "The DASH Diet Action Plan".  

Read ingredients and nutrition labels - learn about what you are eating.


  • 45 minutes per day.  More is even better.  

  • Move around during the day and avoid sitting for long periods.  

  • Any type of exercise is fine as long as it involves some exertion.  


For seasonings: use olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and no salt seasonings like Mrs. Dash.

Breakfast - 12 oz water; coffee with milk

Snack - mid morning, mid afternoon, and  early evening - 8 oz water; oatmeal (with fresh fruit if desired, but no sugar or sweeteners); or 1 hard boiled egg; or 1 piece of fruit; or 1 serving of unsalted nuts; 1 piece of low-salt cheese;  plain unsweetened yogurt; air popped popcorn with no salt

Lunch: 12  oz of water; fresh or steamed vegetables; with beans or edamame; top with seeds (flax, chia, etc);

Dinner - 12 oz of water;  vegetables - fresh or steamed;  protein: baked/broiled chicken or fish, or soy, or beans/lentils; ; whole grain carbohydrate - whole grain rice or pasta

No eating after 8pm.