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Most people should have the following screening tests:
Plese note that these are general recommendations. Some people may not need these tests, or might need other tests, dependining on their age, medical condition, and family history.
Screening tests are designed to find a problem or condition before it gets serious.  Usually these tests are for healthy people with no symptoms. If you are having symptoms, other tests might be more appropriate.

All adults:  Physical exam, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, diabetes screening: every 1-3 years, every year after age 50.
Women age 40 and over: annual mammogram and breast exam; PAP smear every 1-3 years.
All adults 50 and over: colonoscopy every 10 years, or stool DNA testing every 3 years, or stool blood testing every year. 
Men 50 and over: consider an annual prostate PSA test.  There is controversy about whether prostate screening is beneficial.  Please discuss this with Dr. Shanblatt.
Men 65 and over who have ever smoked: abdominal aneurysm screening.
Women after menopause: bone density test.
Smokers:  Lung Cancer CT screening - adults over age 55.   
Vaccinations:  tetanus every 10 years; pertusis vaccine - once; pneumonia vaccines (pneumovax and prevnar) age 65;  shingles vaccine (Shingrix) once at age 50; flu vaccine annually.