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Below are general health, nutrition, and diet resources, as well as links to other reliable medical websites.

Health and Nutrition Information



Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Plan

High Blood Pressure

The DASH Diet for High Blood Pressure

Vitamins and Supplements

GERD and Heartburn


Gas and Bloating

Low Potassium Diet

Improve your Sleep

Medical Websites:

Centers for Disease Control - Great Information about specific diseases, vaccinations, and travel medicine.

Family Doctor - health information for the whole family

American Diabetes Association - Everything you wanted to know about Diabetes

American Heart Association - keep your heart healthy and prevent heart disease

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute - information about cholesterol, circulation, and other diseases of the heart and lungs

Nutrition and Diet Websites: 

US Government Nutrition Site

American Dietetic Society

Calorie Counter

Keep a Food Diary